Jerk Minnow – an irresistible baitfish profile that drives fish crazy.

The Kalin’s Sizmic Jerk Minnow accurately mimics a wide-range of commonly found baitfish. Built with a slightly split tail and dead-on baitfish profile. The Kalin’s Sizmic Jerk Minnow delivers a realistic swimming attraction that will trick almost every species of fish into biting. The bait fish profile that this minnow offers is a plump target for bass, walleye and trout. It is a perfect choice for a drop shot rig or your favorite finesse Kalin's jig head.

As versatile as it is attractive, the Kalins Sizmic Jerk Minnow can be rigged on the back of a bladed swim jig, spinnerbait, scrounger, shakey head, or by itself for a slow-gliding action. Offered in a number of rod-bending colors. This bait will become your go-to minnow therefore putting your culling system to the test!


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