3 Inch Lunker Grubs with Awesome Swim Action

Anglers love Kalin's 3 Inch Lunker grubs. Some say it is so good they can't keep bluegill, crappie and rock bass from gobbling it up before a largemouth bass can!

Kalin's 3 Inch Lunker Grubs are the perfect size for crappie, small mouth Bass, walleye and panfish. The incredible success of Kalin's Grubs has led to countless requests for additional solid colors. Kalin’s 3 Inch LUNKER GRUBS precise, proven design provides maximum action. When reeled at Ultra-Slow Speed, Kalin's soft baits have great water displacement. Whether you are fishing for  panfish or big bass our grubs get the job done. Our plastic formula remains super soft, yet tough in cold water temperatures. Molded with a beefy, yet bite-sized profile. Kalin's grubs provide predators a can’t-miss target. Offered in a number of professionally picked colors, the Kalin's soft baits combine quality, uniqueness, and attraction into one fish gulping soft bait.

Formulated to address to a fishes sense of taste and smell. Our grubs are suited for a variety of rigging applications, including jigs and spinnerbait trailers. The plump body offers extra hook holding power and a powerful action tail. Though designed specifically for fishing bass, these little critters have been catching all species of fish since Kalin's first introduced these fish chomping morsels.

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