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Kalin's Soft Baits are regarded as some the best baits for Bass, Walleye, Striped Bass and other gamefish. Years of design work has gone into to making what we think are the best fishing baits on the market. Choose from Sizmic, Shads, Grubs, Wac-O-Worm and Jerk Minnow baits.


This Scrub is a Hero

KalinsScrubKalin's 1.75" Scrub and 3" Scrub soft baits have great unique double paddle swim tail action. Combining a grub body with paddle feet, this bait will supercharge any chatter bait, spinner bait, buzz bait or bass jig. This Kalin's soft bait is great for bass, walleye and other gamefish. Swim it slow or fast–you have to see the action to believe it! See more.




Let's put some fish in the tub! Kalin’s soft bait grubs and fishing jigs are extremely effective for a wide range of fish species in all waters. A soft tail with famous slow-retrieve action combined with a thick, meaty body create more water displacement and slower drops. A favorite soft bait in tournament circuits. See more.


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